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walking on ledges

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walking on ledges
(1993 go figure records)

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review of walking on ledges from music reviews quarterly (vol. 1, #2 winter, 1995/1996)

"on the cover of this disc is a picture of quasimodo on a ledge of notre dame cathedral, and while it doesn't really have anything to do with the sound of the recording, it's a neat cover photo. maybe it's appropriate because stan moeller and t.s. baker have a recording with a classic black and white movie appeal to it. their musical sources are wide-ranging, avoiding current trends and styles for melodies that could have been as appropriate in the forties as the nineties. when the slide guitar kicks off "sweet kinda lovin'" with an acoustic guitar and percussion underneath it, the sound echoes back to lounge jazz acts from bygone decades. smooth and syncopated, the rhythm rolls easily and energetically, enhanced by a strong standup bass line and actual tap dancing to give it extra snap and vitality. elsewhere in songs like "home" folk music becomes the musical source, again handled with solid rhythmic foundations and timeless effectiveness. then there's the appropriate circus sounds of "circus" with its time-honored story of the runaway circus boy who admires the trapeze girl. toss in the pop feeling of "you and i," the latin feeling of "why be blue," the bluesy jazz of "he always leaves," and the melancholy ballad style of the title song, and you get every musical style popular music has provided all rolled up into one fine recording.

those are the ledges that stan moeller and t.s. baker walk, but to hear them walk them is to be completely unaware of the danger they put themselves in. this recording could so easily have crashed from its own ambition, but because both performers are so genuine and talented, they make it look easy. both have wonderfully smooth voices, both seem totally comfortable and at ease as they perform. full but uncluttered, they have assembled all the many pieces of this recording together superbly. walking on ledges is an oddity in the musical world, but it should have special appeal to acoustic fans who are willing to enjoy acoustic music from all it's various sources, past and present. solid music is timeless, and that's what stan moeller and t.s. baker have both cleverly and honestly assembled here. walk on the ledge with them; the view from where they are is great.

key personnel:
produced by t.s. baker
stan moeller - vocals, guitar
t.s. baker - vocals, guitar, accordion, mandolin, keyboards

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